Foreplay Friday
how did you spend so long in yukiko’s castle

Playing it on Very Hard and want to 100% slinks on the first playthrough. The amount of grinding needed is so dumb. Depending on how the Bathhouse goes I might just reset.

I made it to Kanji’s Bathhouse and after the 17-hour nightmare that was Yukiko’s Castle I am so afraid.

"Attak" - Rustie feat. Danny Brown

I feel for Danny Brown. I really do. People love that crazy Danny Brown, that Danny Brown who pops all the drugs and parties like no one else can. But you can’t be that guy all the time. Especially whenever you try to do something serious they just be saying “Yeah that’s cool but we want that old Danny Brown”. Where does that leave him?

That aside he’s showing us he still got it.


*replaces guitar riffs with my sobbing*

I’m doing some work for the school and I’m pretty sure I managed to save them $73,000 every year.

I think I might ask for a raise.

"New Dorp, New York" - SBTRKT feat. Erza Koenig

New SBTRKT. A different direction.

"Queen of Darkness" - GVCCI HVCCI

Remember this?

"Wait" - Lemaitre feat. LOLO

If it’s one thing I have to applaud Lemaitre for it’s their consistency. Funk all around.

Tommy Wiseau newest project is “The Neighbors”, a sitcom premiering on who knows where. Here’s the latest clip and it’s just surreal.

The entire Dashcon things make a whole lot more sense if you replace “Dashcon Organizers” with Mr. Krabs and treat the entire thing as a Spongebob episode.

"Listen here my boy. We have a brand to protect; the Krabby Krab ain’t never been that sort of willy nilly sellout nonsense. Heck, I’ve never seen been to, attended, helped, organized, started, assiste-"

“Mr. Krabs we’ve made over $17,000.”

“$17,000!? KEEP IT COMING BOYS.”

“I thought you sai-“

“Just the nerves speaking! Sell sell sell!”


"Mr. Krabs. There’s some attendees who say $65 is a bit too steep, especially for a first year convention."

"Spongebob do you love the Krusty Krab?"

"Of course sir! But I’m not reall-"

"Spongebob you misunderstood. Do you LOVE the Krusty Krab?"

"I do love the Krusty Krab!"

"Then keep selling those passes son. Don’t do it for me, don’t do it for yourself…do it for the Krusty Krab."