Foreplay Friday

"Bridges" - Broods

The type of synth pop that’s in style.

You wanna see something really fucking cool? Nevermind the song is hope, it’s the 3D anatomy of a song.

"No Rest For The Wicked- Lykke Li feat. A$AP Rocky

So this happened.

"Oxen Hope" - Mirah


"Lurk" - The Neighborhood

New stuff and they’re planning to release a rock mixtape called “#000000 & #FFFFFF” (Black and White). 

"Lost Love" - Futurecop! feat. DWNTWN

Why did you have to go?

"Move On" - Garden City Movement

For those of you who like to float along.

Don’t forget!

Remember what tomorrow is really about and don’t let Corporate America take that away. After the crucifixion of Christ the disciple Joseph retrieved the corpse and laid it to rest in a tomb. However after three days something was amiss: Mary Magdalene had discovered the tomb was empty and there was a strange smell in the air. Hallelujah! A miracle had occurred! Jesus Christ had come back from the dead and smoked the fattest blunt he could find.

He also probably listened to some Shakey Graves or something.

"Hideaway (Kiesza Cover)" - Mausi

She’s in a really interesting place right now. I wonder what direction she’ll go with her next album.

Oreo Impulse Hack

Some of you may have seen Oreo’s newest marketing attempt by posting “food hacks” using Oreos. I saw the one where they make “dessert” by mashing some Oreos with cherry soda to make some Oreo pulp substance. You then mix this shit with some crushed nuts and pound cake to create your white trash bread pudding. It on paper (and especially in the video) sounds awful.

From what I understood the idea is these are all items you can buy at your local corner store and it’s an “impulse hack” because that’s what trendy with their focus groups. Still because this was supported by Nabisco themselves I decided no matter how disgusting it looked in the video there was no way it could actually be bad. Why would you promote something that is actively terrible?

I’ve never had a organ transplant but my body is currently going through what I can only describe as rejection. I can hear my stomach being both scared and confused. Nauseous is more of a state of existence than a symptom. I refuse to call an ambulance for only death will bring me peace.