Foreplay Friday

"Hideaway (Kiesza Cover)" - Mausi

She’s in a really interesting place right now. I wonder what direction she’ll go with her next album.

Oreo Impulse Hack

Some of you may have seen Oreo’s newest marketing attempt by posting “food hacks” using Oreos. I saw the one where they make “dessert” by mashing some Oreos with cherry soda to make some Oreo pulp substance. You then mix this shit with some crushed nuts and pound cake to create your white trash bread pudding. It on paper (and especially in the video) sounds awful.

From what I understood the idea is these are all items you can buy at your local corner store and it’s an “impulse hack” because that’s what trendy with their focus groups. Still because this was supported by Nabisco themselves I decided no matter how disgusting it looked in the video there was no way it could actually be bad. Why would you promote something that is actively terrible?

I’ve never had a organ transplant but my body is currently going through what I can only describe as rejection. I can hear my stomach being both scared and confused. Nauseous is more of a state of existence than a symptom. I refuse to call an ambulance for only death will bring me peace.

"Heartache Fetish" - Young & Sick

Modern sounds meet soul.

Witchouse Production and Management Guide

drgrhNNA DRGGGNANANG WRYRRRRRR WYREREE *horror movie sample* dgngnragNANAAN RGANNAGR WYRRR WYRRR *shitty drum kit beats begin to kick in at seemingly random intervals* dngrryyy dnrgryryy *insert vocals that sound like they were recorded in a wind tunnel* baburubrurb wyrrryryrrr drrgngagagaa dryrgagagagaaga *music cuts*

“yo we ∆ll n∆me is bl∆ck r1✞U∆LZ. this b that 2k14 sh1t. this |3e our new EP S∆L3m KRO$$E$. we b3 that yung IN✞3RN3✞ gr∆vey∆rd. #salemcore. #spookwave. ∆ll up to ✞h∆t VHS SEConD COMING. pr∆ise to \/|$|0N$.”

Only put your music on BandCamp. Your album cover will be any black and white portrait with the subject’s eyes replaced with upside-down crosses. Most importantly though deny it is witchhouse until you die.

the truth is out there

"2 On (TOKiMONSTA Remix)" - Tinashe feat. Schoolboy Q

Play nice.

"Sleep Sound" - Jamie xx

Probably what you think is.

"Rendez Vous" - La Plage

I got this burning feeling.

It’s hard not to dance.

You ever have moments of your life that don’t feel real?

Three years ago at New York Comic Con my friends and I went to a panel where Stan Lee would announce Marvel’s newest project. Needless to say everyone in the room was hyped by the idea of a new mystery project. The panel starts and Stan Lee comes on and we all start cheering. He begins to talk for a bit and then he finally gets to the announcement.

“We are teaming up with the NHL to bring you this new action-packed adventure.”

The cheering is audibly quieter than before. The one guy who decided to wear his Rangers jersey is going crazy. Everyone is confused.

So the premise of the series is essentially Ben 10 except the main guy can transform into all 30 NHL mascots. The Maple Leafs got some guy who was a fucking tree who shots sap. The Rangers got some crazy biker who had carried a Rangers logo shield. The Blue Jackets got this robot who was a Civil War themed Optimus Prime. It was insane.

Stan Lee and the other speakers then spend the next 45 minutes trying to convince us this is a good idea. From telling us how they originally wanted to this with the NBA to telling us how comic book fans are pretty much NHL fans already anyway nothing got through. We all left with more questions than we had arrived with.

It was one of the most bizarre panels I’ve ever been to.

"Child’s Play" - SZA feat. Chance The Rapper

The memories keep playing back.

XXYYXX produced this one and you can tell.